Postpartum doulas provide support to new families in the family home. You will know what is the help and support that you most need, but a postpartum doula may be able to provide the following support:

  • basic breastfeeding support
  • making meals or buying groceries
  • looking after older children
  • night time care of your baby
  • light cleaning tasks

A postpartum doula may have carried out a training program specific to postpartum work or they may have gained their knowledge and skills through experience. If she has completed a training program you can ask to see her certificate for verification. It is also helpful to check any references she provides. When checking references, ask the referee what they were looking for ina  postpartum doula and whether the doula provided that.

When you are interviewing a postpartum doula consider the following:

  • Are they kind, calm and compassionate?
  • Do they seem to have well-rounded knowledge on parenting issues?
  • How well do they listen to you? Do they spend more time talking or listening?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking to them?
  • How do they respond to your children?
  • Are they comfortable with the choices they have made if they are parents themselves, or do they seem to have an agenda?