Parenting can be joyful and exciting. It can also be exhausting, frustrating and lonely. Having the right support in place, or knowing where to seek that support, can really help parents to not just cope with, but enjoy, the early days of parenting and enrich their experience.

There are many support services that can help. Professional services, such as breastfeeding counselors, postpartum doulas, family doctors and psychologists, can all support families when there are challenges they are facing. Other support services such as parent and baby groups, or peer-to-peer breastfeeding support groups, may also be available in your community and are often free or very low-cost. Connecting with other parents can really help in reducing the sense of isolation and having others to talk to who understand what you are feeling. A postpartum doula or breastfeeding counselor often have details of these services in your local area and can help connect you to other parents.