Questions about your own listing? Click here for the help page for service providers (doula’s etc).

Listing Information

How can I check someone’s certification?

Listing providers have the option of uploading a copy of their certificate if they have completed a training and certification program. We do not vet these and rely on the honesty of the service provider. When you interview the listing provider you can always ask to see a copy of their certificate. If you know who they trained with you can also contact the organization directly and ask them to confirm that the person has completed their training and certification.

Please note that not all birth professionals choose to become certified. Certification is optional and not required in any country in order for them to offer birth related services. Unlike a midwife or a doctor, doulas, childbirth educators and breastfeeding counselors are not required to train or certify. Many birth professionals have years of experience and do not feel the need to pursue formal certification. In addition, some training organizations require their members to pay for membership in order to maintain their certification status. Some birth professionals feel they do not want to continue paying for this once they have years of experience behind them.

How do I know a listing is accurate?

Listings are maintained by the service provider. We encourage those listing their services to keep their email address and telephone number up to date so you are able to contact them. When you contact a listing via email you will not see the email address – this is kept private to prevent spamming. The service provider will automatically receive your inquiry once it is submitted.

Contacting a Listing

Can I book a doula on your website?

We do not offer a booking service. To contact a listing click on their name to display their listing details. They will have a small green envelope below their name on the right hand side of the page. You can send them a message by clicking on the envelope. Many listings also include a telephone number, Facebook page, Twitter or website address. When you contact a listing they can provide you with more details about the services they offer and their availability.

How can I find out if the listing provider is available?

If you would like to know if a service provider is available, simply click the green envelope below their name on the right hand side of the page that shows their listing details. Some listings have provided office hours information to let you know when they are available taking general inquiries.

How do I make a call using Facetime or Skype?

Some listings have identified a Skype or telephone number. When you look at the listing and click on their number you will be given the option to call using Facetime or Skype.

Searching for Services

I want a birth and a postpartum doula. How will I find them?

You can use our location specific search engine to locate service providers near you. If you are looking for a service provider who offers more than one service choose the main service you are looking for in the search engine. A page of results with a map will appear. If you would like to then filter the results to include more than one service just click on the drop down list and select one or more additional services.

I cannot find any service providers in my area

If you are unable to find any services in your area widen your search. You can expand the location to a broader area.

Try changing the distance you are searching. Expanding the distance you are searching will often bring up results.

If you have selected specific tags to narrow your search, try removing these to see if more listings appear.

How can I turn off the location?

If the default location is not where you are searching for a service, you can delete the details in the location field or expand the radius.


How can I write a review?

There are three different ways you can locate a listing to write a review.

Listing providers have the option to send an automated email to previous clients requesting a review. In this email there will be a link to the review page. If you have received an email like this you can simply click on the link, log in and leave a review.

The second way to leave a review is to search by location for the listing. Use the search engine to find the listing. Once you click on their listing you will see their detail page. On the right of the page is a button that says “Submit Review”. This will take you to the part of the page where you can create a review.

The final way to write a review is to click on the “Write a Review” link in the green menu bar near the top of the page. You will be shown a search form where you can put in the name of the service provider. All listings containing that name will appear. Click on their name and it will take you directly to the review section of their listing.

Can I change my review?

If you would like to edit or delete a review that you have already submitted, log in and you will be taken to your account dashboard. All reviews that you have left will be displayed. You will then have the option to edit or delete them.


How can I make a complaint about one of your listings?

If you are unhappy with the services you received you can leave a review outlining the problems you experienced. Your review will be moderated and must be approved by our admin team before it will be displayed.

We encourage all families to address any concerns they have directly with the person providing the service before uploading a negative review. Before writing your review, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • Did the person provide the service that they said they would?
  • Could you have been better informed through asking questions or seeking references before engaging their services?
  • Were your expectations of the service realistic?
  • Have you tried contacting the service provider to explain your concerns?

Please note that Find a Doula and their agents are not responsible for the content of a listing or for ensuring that the service provided meets the expectations of a client. We do ask that service providers are honest in the listing they create but we do not moderate their listings or mediate between service providers and their clients.

If you feel that a service provider has been dishonest in their listing we will view these complaints as serious and addres them with the service provider directly.

What should I do if I know the information is not correct?

If you believe that the information on a listing is not accurate, we are happy to contact the service provider directly to ask for more information. Just send us a message through our contact form outlining the issue and providing the name of the listing.

How can I get a refund?

To request a refund you would need to contact the listing provider directly. Please ensure that you are aware of the providers refund policy before you book their services.