My Listings

My picture is cropping too much. How do I fix this?

If you find that your listing image is not showing completely it is because it is automatically cropping. We need to have a  standard size for all images to display for the website to present nicely. If your picture is of you, check there is space above and below your face. If your face is about in the middle of the picture it should crop in such a way that you can clearly see your face in the smaller and larger images displayed. You can upload several times with different images until you are happy with the image displayed.

How can I optimize my listing?

The more information you provide on your listing the more likely a potential client will contact you.

Regularly Update

When someone searches your area the results will be sorted to show the most recently updated listings first. If you would like your listing to appear near the top, regularly update your listing with new information. You could upload a new featured image, update your training and certification details, or any other field in your listing.

Adding a Photograph

Including a photograph of yourself helps to make your listing more personal. Use a high quality photograph to ensure your picture is crisp when it is shown at its full size. Your picture will be cropped on the detail page so make sure there is some space above and below your face so the whole image appears on your detailed listing.

Comprehensive Details

There are many fields to choose from when adding your listing. Try to provide as much information as possible to make it easy for potential clients to know whether or not they want to contact you. Information such as the prices you charge, special services you offer or have interest in, and your training and certification details all help to give a good picture of the services you offer.

When I check my listing on the site it is not showing up

There are a couple of reasons why your listing might not be appearing if someone searches your area.

All listings are first checked by our admin team and need to be approved before they will be displayed. This usually takes 24 hours. Once the listing is approved it should appear.

If it has been more than 24 hours, check your listing by editing it. Scroll down to the location you entered. Is the correct location showing on the Google map? If not, enter the location again in the text field for location and choose the correct place until the Google map updates with your location. Save the listing and it now should appear properly.

How do I add a listing?

You can easily add a listing by clicking on the “Add a Listing” option in the menu at the top of the page. When you submit your listing you will be sent an email with your log in details so you can edit your listing in the future.

In your listing you can include:

  • details of your pricing structure
  • information about your training and certification
  • a copy of your certificate (an image you upload)
  • a picture of yourself
  • a series of other pictures that are added to a gallery
  • special areas of interest you have such as prematurity, LGBTQ or infertility
  • the hours you are available to take general enquiries
  • links to your social media contacts (Facebook, Twitter)
  • contact details (phone, website, email, Skype)

Click here to add a listing now.

How do I edit my listing?

If you would like to edit your listing once you have created it you will need to first log in. Click on the Log In link in the menu at the top of the page. Once you have logged in you will see an “Edit Your Listing” link in the same menu at the top of the page.

Can I add more words or pictures to my description?

Of course! You can have a featured image which will show in your listing. You can also upload images into your gallery when you ad or edit your listing. these will be shown on the right side of your listing and will open in a gallery format that people can browse through.

Your description can contain any information about the services you offer. There are additional fields for details of your training and certification, pricing and contact details so these do not need to go into your description. The only restriction we have is that you cannot promote any training programs that you provide.

How do I show my certification?

When you add or edit your listing you can upload a copy of your certificate. On the form where you add or edit your listing, scroll down to the Training and Certifications section. After all the organizations listed you will see “Certification Documents”. You can click on the browse button to find a copy of your certificate on your computer and then upload it. Once uploaded and saved, your certification documents will appear on your listing page.

I offer two different services. Can I have two separate listings?

No – you should only have one listing but combine all the services you offer in that listing. If, for example, you are providing birth doula services and yoga classes, simply check both those services when you create your listing. When someone searches on either of those services your listing will appear if the location matches.

My listing is in the wrong place on the map. How do I fix this?

You can change the location on the map by editing your listing.

First you will need to log in. The link to log in can be found in the menu at the top of the page.

Once you have logged in, click on Edit My Listing. Your listings will appear in a table – just click on the listing to go to the edit screen.

Scroll down to the map. Drag the marker to the correct location. Once you save the listing the new location will appear.

We are part of a team working together. Can we have a business listing?

No problem! If you would like to have a business listing you just enter your business name in the title field when you create or edit your listing. You will need a unique email address but otherwise your listing will show as a business rather than as an individual.

How do I delete my listing?

If you are no longer practicing, or prefer not to have your services listed, you can delete your listing. Just log in and click on Edit Listing. This will take you to your profile. Alternatively, you can click here – you will be prompted to log in and then you will see your listing. Below the listing is a link to delete it. Just click on this and your listing will no longer be shown.

If you would like to be removed from our records altogether, just send us a message on the contact form and we can take you off the site.

One of your listing providers has false information on their listing. Can this be corrected?

If you believe that a listing includes incorrect or false information we would encourage you to first contact the listing author to raise the issue with them. If you have done this and have been unsuccessful in having the listing edited, or feel it is inappropriate to contact the listing owner, you can contact us for assistance.

We will contact the listing owner once you have advised us of the problem and ask for evidence to support what they have written in their listing. If they are unable to provide the evidence, or refuse to, we will use our discretion to determine whether or not the listing should be edited or removed.

My Reviews

I have a negative review. How can I delete it?

You can’t change or remove a genuine review that was written about your services. We believe in transparency and honesty, even when it is not what we would like to hear! We do not censor, edit or delete reviews just because they do not reflect favorably on you.

We do not allow reviews that:

  • Are not relevant to the actual service that was provided
  • Do not represent the reviewer’s personal experience
  • Violate another person’s rights
  • Is offensive or abusive towards another person

If you feel that a review falls under the areas that we prohibit, please contact us for us to review.

How can my clients give me a review?

Once you have created your listing and it has been approved you can send an email to your previous clients and ask them to submit a review on the services you provided. They can search for your name to provide a review, or you can send them an email that will provide them with a direct link to submit the review.

To send your clients an email, log in to your account. Once you have logged in, go to Edit Your listing. This will display your account details. There is a form on this page to enter your name, your client’s name and their email address. Once you have completed the form you will be shown a preview of the email that will be sent. If you click on Send Email the message will automatically go to your client via email and they can then register their name and email address and submit a review for you. Reviews will be moderated and approved by our team.

Someone has written an offensive review about me. Can you help remove it?

This depends. If the review is a negative one because someone was unhappy with your service then we will not remove it. You will be able to write a response to the review if you feel there were circumstances that should be taken into account. It is important that people can write negative as well as positive reviews in order to maintain the integrity of our site.

If the review contains offensive language, is racist or sexist (or in another way bigoted), or contains offensive language, we will remove this if you request us to. All reviews are moderated and approved before they are displayed so it is unlikely that a review would be posted that contained anything offensive. Negative reviews where a client was unhappy with the service you provided will not be deleted. The final decision about whether or not to remove a review will be ours.

My Account

I can’t remember my password. How do I log in?

No problem. Click on Log In and you will see the log in page. At the bottom is a link that says “Lost your password?” Click on this and complete your details. You will then be sent an email containing a link for resetting your password. If you no longer have access to that email just contact us and we can reset your account for you.

My email has changed since I created my listing. How can I log in?

You can still log in with the same details. If your username is the email address you used to create your listing with, just log in with that old email address and then edit your listing to change your contact details to your new email.

How can I delete my account?

If you are no longer practicing, or prefer not to have your services listed, we can deactivate your listing. Just send us an email on our contact form and we can resolve this for you.

Once your account has been deactivated your listing will no longer appear on Find a Doula. If you would like to reactivate your account again in the future we can do this manually. Your old listing information and reviews will not be lost!

Premium Listings & Advertising

Can I advertise with you?

At the moment we are only offering free listings. In the future we intend to expand Find a Doula to include products (e.g. baby slings), and clinics and hospitals. We also intend to offer Featured Listings for a premium price which will ensure that your listing is displayed above the free listings. We will write to all listing members to let you know when this service is available.

Any product listings we will include will have been vetted to ensure they comply with our guidelines of being family friendly. We will restrict the advertisements that we allow. Our focus will be to include products or services that support women’s choices, promote evidence based care and encourage loving, family-friendly practices.