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All About Doulas - Why hire a doula?

Why should I hire a doula? Won't my partner, my doctor, and the nurses help me with anything I need?

Doulas can help you in ways no one else can! Your partner may be a fantastic source of support, as the two of you share a special bond as you become parents together. But partners have their own journey to parenthood, and it can be a heavy load provide support during labor as well as manage their own inner questions and experience. Doulas can help by providing practical support for partners, to allow them a few minutes' break every now and again to rest, eat, and regroup. Many partners also appreciate having an experienced supporter present who can reassure them about what is happening, and offer tips and demonstrations of comfort techniques. With a doula present, many partners actually feel more confident about their role at the birth and are able to be more active.

Your doctor will also play a key role in supporting you. But doctors usually are able to check on you only briefly from time to time throughout your labor, and cannot provide support in your home in the early stages. Doulas can!

Nurses are able to stay with you for longer periods, once you are in hospital, but with shift changes, paperwork, and many other women to care for at once, they can't always give you undivided attention. Doulas can!

What all this means for you is that doulas are part of a whole team where each member has a special role to play in supporting you for your birth.

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What do others say?

"Having a doula was the best investment we could have made. She helped us through a really difficult birth and helped us to work out what we really wanted."
Amy, Los Angeles


"I was reluctant at first but boy am I glad we went ahead and hired a doula. She was as much a support for me as she was for my wife."
Carl, Australia


"I really enjoy working with a doula. They help to support everyone in the delivery room and the moms are so much better informed."
Dr. Patrick Lasoy

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